The OrderLogix™ Management Team

Sotero Giftos, Jr.

President and Co-Founder

As the technical leader of OrderLogix™, Mr Giftos is a hands-on executive that directs the overall software development strategy within the organization. Working closely with partner Jay Gowell, he has been responsible for positioning the company as the leading provider of best of breed order management technologies to the direct response industry. Prior to co-founding On-Line Technologies – and its renaming as OrderLogix in 2010 – Soty ran Giftos & Associates, a developer of custom business solutions that focused on order management and call center automation. He also served as VP and CTO for an e-commerce sales and marketing company, was responsible for IT Operations at a nationally regarded direct response contact center and holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Southern Maine.

Jay Gowell

Executive Vice President and Co-Founder

Providing executive direction throughout the organization, Mr. Gowell’s two decades in the technology field provides an invaluable set of experiences across many industries. Prior to forming On-Line Technologies with Mr. Giftos, he served as Director of Information Services at a large national call center. He was also the founder of TekData, a software solutions company specializing in business process optimization and contact center automation. Jay was also the President and co-owner of Coastal Computer Center; a regional computer technology provider and software engineering services firm. He is an accomplished software development professional in his own right, having built successful applications for order management, call center automation, and a comprehensive platform for media tracking and reporting.

Bill Southwick

Vice President Sales & Marketing

With a strong background in developing and directing business, marketing and sales strategies, Mr. Southwick adds the skills and experience necessary to take OrderLogix to the next level. He is responsible for directing the company’s new business development team, supports the client relationship team, and is an invaluable member of the OrderLogix executive management team. Bill is a member of the ERA’s Government Affairs Committee, Payment Processors Committee and Membership Committee. Bill also serves on the DRMA membership committee. Prior to OrderLogix, Bill provided senior leadership at AT&T Government Solutions as a Program and Project Manager. He is an expert at the inner workings of call centers, customer service and sales processes. Outside of work, Bill is a Notary Public for the State of Maine, on the Board of Directors for MacArthur Home for the Aged, Saco Bay Salvation Army Advisory Board Chair, Trustee/Chair of the Clayton & Virginia Cartmill Trust and a member of his home town’s Planning Board.

Chris Roberts

Product Manager

Tasked with engineering design and oversight of our application enhancements, Chris Roberts is responsible for tools, technologies and design patterns for use in our core product. He oversees the engineering and programming of new functionality and features added to our application and the quality control and updates provided to our clients. Chris has been with OrderLogix since 2004 and has been instrumental in the development of many of our advanced technologies. Chris has a degree in Computer Science with nearly 20 years of experience developing large databases with intuitive interfaces.

Jill R. Shannon

Vice President of Finance

Ms. Shannon provides the OrderLogix executive team with substantial financial expertise, senior management skills, market segment knowledge and the perspectives of an entrepreneur; a former owner of a call center specialized in high volume sales and customer service for the direct response industry, she is adept at managing in a rapid growth environment and can be relied on for her sound financial and business knowledge. As Vice President of Finance for OrderLogix, Jill is responsible for finance, accounting and overseeing the company’s HR functions. Previously, she was Vice President of Finance and a co-owner of ListenUp Contact Solutions, a Portland, Maine-based call center with over 400 employees. Jill graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a BA in Accounting.

Justin Grant

Operations Manager

Mr. Grant works at the heart of daily resource deployment. He is responsible for the deployment of technical and programming resources for escalated customer service requests and customer projects. After being a medic in the U.S. Army, Justin added ten years of order management process experience, first as a direct response sales agent, then to managing, training and motivating a sales team and customer service department. Justin knows what product marketers, call centers and fulfillments centers expect of our services and is passionate about making our customers happy.