Your ACD telephony service provider can provide great value in reporting pre-sale analytics and general call traffic statistics. What happens next is equally valuable to understand. When it comes to businesses that rely on call centers to close sales, the more data at hand, the better position decision makers are in to ensure an organization is operating as optimally as possible. With this in mind, centralized reporting that blends together call center agent performance and actual campaign order management performance can be a reliable tool to better understand how a campaign is really performing.

OrderLogix offers solutions that fully integrate with communications infrastructure in such a way that allows business owners to take a deep dive into the backend of such data, producing interesting statistics along the way. For example, OrderLogix’s tools keep decision makers abreast of the following:

Total calls generated by source / DNIS
The number of those calls that were answered
Average Talk Time
Close Rates
One-pay or Multi-pay Orders
How many calls resulted in an up-sell, a cross-sell or a conversion to a continuity program
Method of payment information
Average Revenue Per Call (RPC)
Average Revenue per Order (RPO)
And more………………………..
That data is then blended with the exact information in the OrderLogix order management platform, providing even more comprehensive reports. Armed with this data, business owners can then monitor agents’ individual performance as well as the performance of teams. They are able to evaluate sales channels and sources to better understand where business is coming from and which media buys are performing the best. They can then determine ways to make their businesses more efficient and their agents more productive.

What’s more, OrderLogix’s call center performance tools can be accessed through Web-based dashboards, meaning that even when management is on the go or traveling, they can still monitor their businesses in real time from any Internet-connected laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Businesses that integrate call center performance tools into their operational infrastructure are certain to realize more success and efficiency. The more reliable the data a business has at its disposal, the better decisions it can make.

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