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Solutions for Direct Response Marketers

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Our roots are deep in Direct Response Marketing Solutions & technology. Built-in DRTV metrics provide laser focus on your campaigns.

We know direct response techniques as well as anyone in the business.

We have experience integrating with your vendors. And We provide consistent reporting to help you make better decisions. Enjoy the ability to track advertising sources and report sales activity. Media ROI, Agent Performance, Auto-Ship, Multi-Pay, Up-Sells, Add-Ons, with our direct response marketing solutions & technique. It's time to bring all your sales channels together, regardless of technology, and build your Brand.

You Have A Lot On Your Plate

With OrderLogix, you can free yourself from all the tedious post-sale tasks so you can focus more on growing your business. Our Order Management System allows you to centralize your sales data into a single tool that will provide you with apples to apples comparisons across all your sales channels. Not only does this help you make major decisions about how you spend each hard earned dollar, but it also shows you which sales channels are performing best for you.

You're In Control

OrderLogix puts you in control of your data so you can choose the vendors you wish to work with and automate data imports/exports to free you up to do what you do best. Our order management system automates importing orders from multiple sales channels, payment processing, manages auto-ship/continuity cycles, provides fulfillment/inventory control and includes robust customer service tools to help you manage customer satisfaction and retention.

We have the Ultimate Direct Response Marketers solution. Let's talk.
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Hundreds of Integrations with Shopping Carts, Payment Gateways, Call Centers, Call Routing Platforms, Fulfillment Providers, Media Agencies and more...