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Solutions for Fulfillment Providers

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Why limit your services to Pick, Pack & Ship? Fuel your growth to that next level. OrderLogix provides the functionality & fulfillment provider solutions to meet the needs that Brands demand.

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Automated Multi-Client Order Management System

By automatically processing incoming sales orders, payments, subscription/continuity programs, and customer notifications, your resources can focus on your clients. Additionally, each of your clients have direct access to their campaigns and performance reports.

"Single View" Customer Service

From the moment you're contacted, customer service representatives will have the information to quickly and effectively remedy customer engagements successfully and according to your policies and rules. Your clients will really appreciate your added value.

Inventory Interfaced with Your Warehouse System

OrderLogix includes beneficial built-in functionality like purchase/receiving, back order controls, RMA, locations, units of measure conversions and more. In addition, enhanced inventory functionality that is designed to interface with your warehouse management system, allowing you to further automate your operations.

Hundreds of Integrations with Shopping Carts, Payment Gateways, Call Centers, Call Routing Platforms, Fulfillment Providers, Media Agencies and more...