Best Call Center Tool to Improve Data Reporting & Efficiency

OrderLogix™ CTI Call Center Tool

Call centers tools are only as effective as their ability to properly service customers in a timely manner. Agents are only as effective as the tools they have. OrderLogix™ CTI provides your agents with real-time screen pop tools to instantly display sales scripting, customer history, or any 3rd party application. This helps the agents deliver that seamless, fast service your customers demand.The OrderLogix call center software will provide us with enhanced reporting features. The tool allows you to provide a better customer service to the clients

Sales Management

You have to know what’s going on across the board so when opportunities arise the right people are in the right place and time with the necessary tools to turn those opportunities into sales. With OrderLogix Call Center tools, agents will have the knowledge and the power to maximize every customer interaction.

Script Interaction Manager (SIM)

SIM adds the powerful addition of custom forms and workflows to turn the most complicated call flow into logical order. Our roots are founded in Direct Response, so we understand the need to control scripting and data collection for compliant sales practices. Also it helps in enhancing the data access.

Workforce Management

Streamlining your human resource management processes reduces costs, improves employee satisfaction, and makes everyone more productive. Employee time cards and automated commission plans provide instant motivation to agents and managers.These call center software will enhance the work productivity and efficiency of your teams.