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Control the Post-Sale Experience

Stop using your shopping cart for order management. Control your customer experience no matter which shopping cart solutions are used.

Order Channels - Integration & Automation Tool System - Solution For Internet Marketer

Orders are Posted in Real-Time

Using our robust OrderLogix API, orders from your websites and shopping carts are posted in real-time, eliminating manual bottlenecks and errors.

Robust Customer Self-Service

All of your customers enjoy the same experience no matter how they ordered their products and services. Customers have access to order history, addresses, shipping info, payment methods, multi-payment plans and even subscriptions. You'll have less customers contacting you, and more customers satisficed.

Streamline the Order Management Process

Through an automated workflow, customer billings and shipments are delivered on-time, every-time, improving customer satisfaction and bolstering revenues.

Complete Control of Subscriptions & Billing Programs

Complete control of subscriptions and billing programs Customer subscriptions can be specifically tailored for an individual; no “one size fits all” here. Easily change billing installments and payment methods to keep customers coming back.

Centralized Control of Your Data

OrderLogix is the single tool that will provide you with true apples to apples comparisons across all your sales sites. And with all your data centralized, you’ll locate customers quickly and perform support tasks with ease.

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